Star Citizen shows off Lorville business district for 3.4.0 as alpha 3.3.7 goes live


Sean Tracy and Steve Bender helm this week’s Star Citizen Around the Verse, and the dev update focuses on the culture and business district of Lorville – specifically, the inside. You’re surely used to the grand sweeping Coruscant-style exterior landscapes, but here the developers discuss how they manipulate the player through interior environments – for example, how they move you through claustrophobic areas to then blow your mind with spectacular cavernous ones. There’s also a detailed examination of how a major NPC is skinned.

Alpha 3.3.7 rolled out to backers this week as well, with the first stages of 3.4.0 not far behind (thanks, leakers!); 3.3.7 isn’t groundbreaking, but it does tweak AI and fix AI ships in particular. 3.4.0, as delivered to the Evocati, includes the business district as previewed in ATV.

Make sure you’re following along with MOP’s Chris over the next couple of weeks as he dives into Star Citizen in our Choose My Adventure column! MJ and Chris are teaming up for a Star Citizen stream this very afternoon; you can join them on OPTV at 2 p.m. EST.

Source: ATV. Thanks, DK!
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