Destiny 2 rings in the holidays with the Dawning event


After all the trials and tragedies that have befallen them over the course of Forsaken, Destiny 2’s Guardians could use a bit of holiday cheer. Thankfully, the long-missing Eva Levante has returned, bringing with her the seasonal festivities of the Dawning as well as a slew of holiday treats that she hopes will “help bring the spirit of togetherness back to the Tower.”

For the duration of the event, which runs until January 1st, 2019, Destiny 2 players can help Eva bake a veritable smorgasbord of seasonal confections by “defeating enemies and completing various activities” to gather ingredients for “tasty treats like Gjallardoodles or Chocolate Ship cookies.” Once the treats are made, players will be able to distribute the baked goods as gifts to their various friends and allies throughout the solar system, who will in turn reward them with presents such as enhancement cores, mods, legendary gear, and the new Avalanche heavy machine gun.

In addition, there’s an array of new Dawning-related triumphs to complete, new emotes to unlock — including the brand-new multiplayer emotes — and a snazzy, Dawning-themed sparrow to earn. To top it all off, for the duration of the dawning, “all players who are at max level (depending on what content they own) will receive both a Bright Engram and a Dawning Engram on every level-up.” So get out there, Guardians, and spread the holiday spirit throughout the galaxy. For the full details on the Dawning, you can check out the official announcement on the game’s website.


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Im just glad you typed up and included Gjallardoodles.


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