Guild Wars and Elder Scrolls franchise composer Jeremy Soule starts Patreon for exclusive music


It’s not really a holiday season around Massively OP if we’re not asking that annual question, “What is composer Jeremy Soule up to these days? And did he ever make good on the classical music album that fans Kickstarted for $121,000 back in 2013?” Soule was dragging his feet even in 2016 and 2017, so surely this year will be the one!

The answer to the second question is: sort of? The full album never emerged in its promised form, although Soule did rework pieces of it into a “sketch” album called The Northerner Diaries last year. Now Soule seems to have turned his attention to a new venture called The Soule Music Project. Basically, it’s a Patreon that will give donors access to exclusive music tracks when he makes them (and yes, those include The Northerner Diaries).

“If you decide to become a patron, you’ll hear high-resolution uncompressed audio of some of my latest music every month as well as old gems,” Soule said, “and some of which may even hint at things to come in my future game and film projects.”

Source: Patreon. Thanks Zax!
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