Where is Jeremy Soule’s Kickstarter symphony?


Back in 2013, Composer Jeremy Soule (Landmark, Guild Wars 2) launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000 to fund his personal project of creating a classical music album called The Northerner: Soule Symphony No. 1. The campaign was a great success, pulling in over $127,000, and fans were excited to hear what he would produce.

However, during the intervening years, Soule has failed to produce the album, stringing backers along with the occasional update and promise of progress. While he did post some sheet music this past September, fans have been fed up with the protracted project, filling up the Kickstarter’s comments section with their displeasure and demands for a refund. Soule has not given a definite timeline for the completion and delivery of his album, making some fans fear that it will take years more to finish, if ever.

Soule is a somewhat difficult figure in the video game music industry. He is widely admired for his talent while criticized for being paranoid and the poor customer service of his digital music service. In addition to the issues with his symphony procrastination, he has long since pulled the Guild Wars 2 soundtrack from his store (seriously, go ahead and see if you can buy a copy anywhere) and expressed outrage when he found out that a Skyrim concert was being performed this fall without his involvement.

Source: Kickstarter

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