Legends of Aria discusses early access ‘growing pains’ while hotfixes keep rolling

oh the pain, the pain

It’s been a rough ride forĀ Legends of Aria in early access, something that the game’s most recent newsletter acknowledged; the game was rolling out hotfixes for Early Access on Sunday, even, adding secure containers in houses and fixing issues when relinquishing plots. The developers are thankful to players for sticking with the game despite these early hiccups, and there are assurances that the game is stabilizing and fixing thanks to feedback and time.

Of course, now that the game is in a more stable place, the developers are also beginning to look to what will be doneĀ after the growing pains are over, starting with the game’s first major content patch. The Frozen Tundra patch (which is still a preliminary name) adds in the eponymous biome, expanding the world and giving players new resources and landscapes to manage. There’s no ETA just yet for understandable reason, but it’s good to see the team dealing with early hurdles and looking to the future.

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