DC Universe Online celebrates its eighth anniversary with Attack of the Anti-Monitor event


This month marks the eighth anniversary of Daybreak Games’s free-to-play superhero MMO DC Universe Online, and that, of course, means that it’s once again time for the game’s anniversary event, Attack of the Anti-Monitor. This year, the event will feature “open world missions, the Centennial Collapse raid, A World Past Hope and Fear solo, and a ton of new feats, styles, and rewards.” Sounds like a proper party to us.

And to commemorate the event, players will be able to get their hands on a slew of stylish new cosmetic items. There’s a “new style-only gear set inspired by Future Joker,” known as the Clown Prince style set, which can be purchased using Qwardian Crowns, and there are two new collections to be discovered in order to earn a title and the totally-safe Antimatter Aura. On top of all that, players can also earn new “apocalyptic” decoration items for their bases. To get in on the festivities, players should hop in the game and look for “Monitoring the Situation” in their mission journals, queue up for Centennial Collapse in the on-duty menu, or use the warp menu to travel straight to the Metropolis Anti-Matter Invasion Zone. For the full details on the event, you can check out the announcement post on the game’s official site.