Star Citizen updates testers on development of the Anvil Carrack and ArcCorp cityscape


Missed the Daymar Rally in Star Citizen last weekend? One of the hilarious player-designed commercials from the event kicks off this week’s episode of Around the Verse for the benefit of your eyeballs if so. Cloud Imperium’s Josh Herman and Eric Kieron Davis introduce several topics this week, including VFX work. The programmers say they’re still in the R&D stage of getting an exhaust and damage look that’s uniform across all spaceships in the game. Look, the fire your spaceship is pooping out behind it is important!

CIG also has an update on the ships of alpha 3.5 and future patches, both interior and exterior, particularly the Anvil Carrack – it’s a very Mass Effect look, in such a good way. Plus there’s a preview of in-development weapons, and of course, there’s a big preview of the architecture of the planet ArcCorp aka Stanton III aka Coruscant but even more industrial. That eyecandy begins around 7:50 in the video tucked down below.

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