Final Fantasy XIV’s data center migration is happening in April


One of the big changes coming to¬†Final Fantasy XIV along with the next expansion isn’t really a matter of game mechanics; it’s a change of the game’s data center distribution, with the current single European center becoming two centers and the two North American centers becoming three. The result will hopefully be more stable data centers with fewer servers on each, but that will also mean a chunk of maintenance time and free transfers, as previewed on the official site.

The European data center split will happen on April 2nd and the North American split will take place on April 23rd; maintenance times have yet to be announced, but in the event that maintenance extends beyond 24 hours subscribers will be credited with an extra day of of subscription time. In addition, free transfers will be offered for characters on the affected data centers for two weeks afterwards, along with bonuses for transferring such as compensation for lost houses and a higher-than-normal gil transfer limit. Here’s hoping for a smooth transfer and solid performance after the fact.

Source: Official Site. Cheers, Fynale.
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