Star Citizen releases new Drake Interplanetary Corsair for sale along with ship name reservations


The folks at Star Citizen are back with another Around the Verse video, and this week, LA Studio Director Eric Kieron Davis and Narrative Director David Haddock give players a look at the game’s newest ship and take them behind the scenes to look at some of the devs’ latest work. The new ship in question is the “exploration-focused” Corsair, Drake Interplanetary’s answer to RSI’s Constellation, which is being unveiled and made available for purchase today. You can snag the ship itself for a cool $195 US, or you can get a bundle of multiple Drake ships — or the whole lot of them — for $520 and $2,630, respectively.

The ship website is currently locked behind backer access restrictions, but MOP reader DK was kind enough to supply everyone some snapshots of the deets.

Alongside the concept ship sale, Cloud Imperium has also announced that it’ll be offering players the chance to reserve their own ship names… for a price.

“Please note that not all ships currently offer this feature, however the feature to reserve a ship name may be added to many more ship models in upcoming promotions. In the future, all ships will be able to be given a name. This particular pledge perk is for reserving a name for your ship ahead of time. […] The acquisition of the ship is required to reserve a name at this time. While, eventually, everyone will be able to name their ship(s), early access to the name reservation system is limited to those making pledges that specifically mention they grant access to this feature.”

Redditors aren’t too enthused with the idea of semi-unique ship names, to put it mildly; they’re more mad about that than about the fact that reservations for names are effectively being bundled and sold. Do note that giving your ship a dumb name could actually hurt its resale value since names are forever (unless you upgrade).

The video also features an interview with Senior Lighting Artist Arthor Yang, who delves into the process of implementing the delightfully cyberpunky hologram advertisements and their associated lighting effects into the Area 18 plaza. It’s an understandably complex process, but the final result is a rather dazzling far-future atmosphere that’s well worth the effort. Meanwhile, in the props department, Props Artist Jake Taylor gives players a peek at the process of modeling a variety of street-vendor stalls that players will encounter as they wander the streets of Star Citizen’s settlements.

Source: Official Site, Reddit. Thanks, DK and Cotic!
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