Celebrate The Elder Scrolls’s 25th anniversary by playing ESO’s Elsweyr Prologue today (for free!)


Twenty-five years ago today, a relatively unknown game-development studio by the name of Bethesda Softworks released a little game called The Elder Scrolls: Arena, kicking off one of gaming’s most beloved (and lucrative) franchises. In celebration of the occasion, The Elder Scrolls Online is inviting players to jump into Tamriel to check out the new Elsweyr Prologue content, which is going live today.

In the prologue — which is part of the base game, meaning that players don’t need to have the Wrathstone DLC or an Elsweyr pre-purchase to access it — players will “discover the true purpose of the Wrathstone” and “unleash Dragons upon the unsuspecting Khajiit of Elsweyr.” Players who complete the prologue’s questlines will reward players with the Dragon Flight Illusion Gem memento, which can be used to “summon a spectral group of mini-dragons.”

And to make sure everyone can experience this new content, Zenimax is opening the gates to Tamriel with a free-play event. From Thursday, March 28th, until Wednesday, April 3rd, players on all platforms can access the full base game and the Morrowind DLC without paying a single red cent. And for players who check out the game during the free-play event and decide they want to jump feet-first into the game, both the base game and the Summerset DLC are going on sale until April 9th and April 2nd, respectively. To learn more about the Elsweyr prologue, you can check out the full announcement on the game’s official site or scroll on down to watch the official Elsweyr zone trailer.

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