MMO Business Roundup: Philly’s Overwatch arena, the PUBG Netease settlement, and GDC’s record showing


Welcome back to the MMO Business Roundup!

Remember about a year ago when the battle royale industry started trying to sue everyone into oblivion? PUBG Corp. sued Netease, accusing it of cloning PUBG in its Knives Out and Rules of Survival battle royales, which sounded absurd, but maybe not too absurd to succeed. Then Netease called PUBG’s suit “shameless” and threatened to sue everybody. Fun times. Well, I’m afraid the fun has come to an end, as the two companies have settled the suit and countersuit. Unfortunately, the terms will remain sealed, so they won’t be useful for future cases or for your popcorn-snacking entertainment. (via GIbiz)

You know what Philadelphia, the de facto home of Massively OP, doesn’t need? Well, a lot of things, if we’re being honest, but a $50 million esports stadium is definitely on the list. Specifically, the city of brotherly love is getting a major South Philly arena to house Overwatch team The Philadelphia Fusion, as funded by Comcast Spectator, one of the team’s owners. Opening in 2021, it’ll reportedly seat 3500 people and sit alongside several other major sports arenas in the Philadelphia Sports Complex.

Finally, let’s hear it for the Game Developers Conference, whose 33rd showing this year set a record for attendance, as 29,000 people showed for the event, partly owning to the fact that the venue, Moscone Center, had just seen a half-billion-dollar expansion and could hold more bodies.

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