Crowfall details the random encounters players will have with War Tribes

Our house in the middle of our street.

The point of the various time-limited worlds inĀ Crowfall is, in part, that players are fighting for victory in the remnants of dying worlds. These worlds will be lost and will fall to ruin, fully consumed by the Hunger. But the player characters are not the only groups fighting on these worlds, and the War Tribes will form another prong of opposition to player actions, roughly divided into three groups: Military encampments of organized armies, barbarian villages sowing the seeds of greater chaos, and mercenaries taking up residence within the decaying husks of villages.

Players will be able to acquire a variety of sacrifice items to commemorate these tribes, fragments of information about what these tribes were formed around and what they hope to accomplish. Of course, the camps will also have various other useful resources hidden within, but those resources will necessitate fighting through the occupants; that’s not going to be an easy task. It’s only the first pass, but it will hopefully provide players with an inkling of what organized opposition looks like that is not solely player-based.

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