Skyforge celebrates its anniversary with quests and lockboxes

Happy love day, everybody!

It’s been a long, strange road in Skyforge, a road filled with marauding invasion forces and… well, that’s most of it. Marauding invaders for deific player characters to fight. And you’ve been fighting them off for years now, so you are well entitled to have some fun anniversary quests that reward you with a new halo, a new mount, and a new accessory. It’s a celebration of everything that players love, assuming players love glowing stuff from quests.

Players can also pick up new loot boxes for Argents, including a box that can be gifted to others for a special soapbox emote. So if the spirit of the anniversary has you in a giving mood, you can move from giving to getting with the same actions. Everybody wins! Except the next invading force trying to destroy the world. That group probably loses; it’s a whole thing.


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Nicos Oldschool

The Arbiter Super Glider looks super cool.