World of Warcraft previews the Crucible of Storms raid ahead of its release next week

We all remain. We do not become.

Something sinister stirs beneath the Shrine of the Storm, and in World of Warcraft’s upcoming Crucible of Storms raid, it will be up to players to delve beneath the shrine and put a stop to the eldritch rituals being carried out in the depths below. The raid is a short one akin to Gruul’s Lair, with only two bosses standing between players and victory.

The first boss, The Restless Cabal, is using the word “cabal” rather loosely, as it’s only comprised of two members: Zaxasj and Fa’thuul, followers of the old god N’zoth, who will likely be taking center stage in the upcoming Rise of Azshara content update, as it was N’zoth with whom Queen Azshara struck the bargain that transformed her and her people into the Naga. The second and final boss is Uu’nat, Harbinger of the Void, a former follower of Queen Azshara who was offered up to N’zoth in exchange for its, err, “blessing.” Now, Uu’nat endeavors to prepare the way for the old god’s coming.

The raid’s normal and heroic difficulties will open up on April 16th, followed by the mythic and raid-finder difficulties a week later on April 23rd.