Today’s Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia Patch 8.5 introduces a camera, repair kits, and new complaints from fans


In its on-going rollout of Wild Appalachia, Fallout 76 brings update 8.5 to players, which features the ProSnap Deluxe Camera, basic and improved repair kits, and balances to aluminum. Besides those, the developers worked on fixing bugs like the infinite loading screen some players encountered and UI features working incorrectly.

The ProSnap Deluxe takes center stage for the suite of additions this time. Players will find the broken camera on a corpse of a tourist didn’t make it to a vault. When the camera is fully functional, it allows players to begin the “Bucket List” quest and other challenges. It equips just like a weapon, and the attack button takes a picture that drops into your Photomode Gallery. The workbench can be used to apply mods to the camera, specifically new lenses.

The repair kits have received the most flak since the announcement of this patch. The basic repair kit can be found on the Atomic Shop, whereas the improved repair kit is a rare drop from the Scorchbeast Queen. The devs plan to add the improved repair kits to future in-game content.

Anticipating the backlash from fans, Bethesda said that it remains committed to not including anything in the Atomic Shop that would give players a competitive advantage. Bethsoft believes that the repair kits do not give players a competitive advantage; instead, it calls them a “convenient option.” However, the developers did say, “If we find that repair kits do offer any sort of competitive advantage once they are available, we will make any changes necessary to ensure that advantage is removed.”

Many fans, especially in reply to the Twitter announcement, find that the repair kits on sitting on the Atomic Shop as another cash grab from the developers. Others see no issue with the additions at all. The full patch notes are available on the Fallout 76 website; you can decide for yourself which side of the argument you stand on.

Source: Patch notes
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