Blade & Soul is bringing back the Dragon’s Bounty event for the release of the Scarlet Tears update


Blade & Soul has already talked plenty about the new Scarlet Conservatory raid coming with the release of its upcoming Scarlet Tears update, but that’s not all that the folks at NCSoft have in store for players, as the update will also bring with it the return of the Dragon’s Bounty event. Over the course of the multi-part event, players will have the opportunity to earn materials to upgrade their accessories as well as useful buffs and consumables.

Each day for the first part of the event, players will be able to earn Polished Scale Fragments by completing daily challenges and Tower of Memory daily quests and by collecting their daily login rewards. These scales can be spent in the Dragon Express shop to purchase exclusive rewards, “including the winning 2018 Cosmetic Design Contest costume and Weapon Illusion: Reborn & Cryo Phoenix,” among a variety of other valuable and useful odds and ends.

The next part of the event will focus on giving players the chance to earn everything they need to “upgrade [their] existing accessories to get [them] ready for the Scarlet Conservatory” by allowing them to trade their Polished Scale Fragments for Polished Scales and Dragon Tokens, which “can significantly reduce the materials required for Breakthrough” when upgrading certain accessories. The event will begin when Scarlet Tears goes live on May 15th, but if you want to plan ahead a bit, you can find a full list of the various items you can acquire during the Dragon’s Bounty event over on the game’s official site.