Star Trek Online previews the ships of the Section 31 lockbox


Starfleet’s ruthlessly goal-focused Section 31 tends to stick in the memories of fans; it’s a shadowy organization that seems to be at once everywhere and nowhere, unseen unless it wants to be. So it might seem a little odd that players in Star Trek Online will be able to fly one of the organization’s secretive science ships, which sports a transformation option, tractor drones, a special cannon, and the nigh-invisible dark mode… but then, maybe Section 31 wants you to think it’s a prize.

Klingon players aren’t left out, of course; their intelligence cruiser, the Na’Qjej is a very different animal, focused on kinetic damage with a sped-up charge that does significant damage and bonus damage from torpedo weapons. Both ships are also equipped with passive masking abilities to keep enemies unaware of the ship locations, so captains with a penchant for intelligence operations would be well-served by either ship. Just be careful about what you put in your personal log.


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These Discovery ship models really throw off the entire aesthetic of STO.


While I’ll agree the “Klingon” Discovery ships don’t fit the KDF in STO any better than they do the era they’re purported to be from, I think that largely the Federation ships fit much better in STO’s era than they do that of the show.

The angular nacelles, and overall “modern high-tech” designs don’t look out of place alongside Cryptic’s ships, where they look very different from the TOS Enterprise.

Also, while STO may have begun with a consistent aesthetic for its ships – it’s really (really) hard to claim there is one now. Captains are flying everything from any race/era Star Trek has ever hinted at. :)

Cryptic does a nice job with trying to weave a mostly-consistent whole out of the patchwork of television, movies, and books they’re basing the game on – but the players? It’s every Admiral for themselves out there.


Lockboxes is why I stopped playing. That and grinding rep. Just sell me the thing I want!

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The klingon ship in this lockbox is aesthetically horrible. It amounts to no more than a flying…’stick’…


yeah, it looks great on the show but on the show you don’t have the camera behind it all the time. On the other hand with some of the ships it is hard to tell which direction it is facing. That won’t be a problem here.


Hmm sounds like the Defiant class if you know your Star Trek lore.


I really want to get this ship