Dauntless roars to a 4 million player opening – with queues to match


Who would have thought this of Dauntless? After a fairly standard beta testing period, this monster hunter RPG has launched to staggering success. Over four million players have shown up to download the free-to-play title on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Now, this four million number is a cumulative total that includes the testing phases, with a half-million showing up in the first 24 hours of launch alone.

The broad success of the game may be in part thanks to Phoenix Labs’ commitment to cross-play and cross-integration, and the studio said that it should only get better once Dauntless launches on the Nintendo Switch in the future.

These staggering numbers have put a crush on the game itself, with three-hour queues reported as players try to muscle their way in the door. In addition, poor performance issues forced the studio to put the game into emergency mode last night to “better focus on matchmaking, capacity, and other service issues.” Subsequently, the studio has turned back on the servers, doubled the player capacity, and identified one game-breaking bug.

We dipped into the game yesterday in the middle of the launch for a stream; give it a look if you’re curious about whether to dive in to the madness yourself!

Source: Press release, Twitter, GamesRadar
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