WoW Classic schedules a two-hour make-up stress test next Wednesday

Doom approaches.

It’s the hottest ticket in town, and it’s straight from 2004. The World of Warcraft Classic beta test is drawing all sorts of attention — and envy from those who have yet to get in to the fun. If the latter is you, then you might get your chance next week when another stress test has been scheduled to run.

“Because of some of the issues that were encountered, we were not able to test other aspects that we’d planned for,” Blizzard posted. “As a result, we will be doing another stress test on Wednesday, May 29 from 2-4 p.m. PDT. The stress test realm will become available at 2 p.m. PDT and the level cap will be increased to 10. For access, we will be including everybody who was invited to the test on May 22.”

Are you intrigued by all of the buzz around WoW Classic these days? Check out our first impressions of the old school format, take a gander at graphical comparisons to the live game, and learn about 10 key differences between the original vanilla version and this new entity.

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Hey can anyone playing horde tell me if they had Patches stumping around their cities at the end as well or did they get someone else?

No more play? that was pretty funny.

Rick Mills

Holy cow I loved the few hours I played this week in Classic. The world looked old but the lighting was beautiful, the thought of finishing an area at the right level, grouping happening for the “kill 10” quests… Chat was even good!
Can’t wait.


A two hour stress test? It took me five hours to log into the last one. Still I ended up playing till four in the morning so you know I’ll be one of the suckers trying to log on for two hours.


So far, Classic WoW is really very close to the just pre-BC version. There are a few quests that have not been accurately recreated, but all in all it is the very same game. Certainly very few major bugs so far and not that many noticeable minor issues.

Fortunately, I was granted Beta access on the first day of availability and am happy to report that it is really great to be part of the whole thing (again). :)

I have heard lots of folks talk in various venues about thinking that there is no point in going back to this era and playing the ‘old’ version. I do not agree. This version of WoW is the one that launched Blizzard to 14 million subscribers; the current WoW is the one that lost them 9+ million subscribers.

The current version of WoW, starting with Cataclysm, moved WoW from being an MMO for everyone to just being an MMO for the Elite Dungeon and Raid folks. Good for them, not so good for everyone else. Everything that made WoW a complex and deep MMO has been stripped out in favor of bland, generic, class designs intended to get folks as fast as possible through the content.

No more perfect example of this is the Hunter and hunter pets. Today, you basically have a ‘blob’ pet that has common abilities that you just throw a new skin onto; all hunter pets are the same. In Classic, the hunter pets are unique with unique skills and abilities. They need to be fed and cared for. They need to be leveled up. The specific pet the hunter uses must be selected with care to match the play style and task the hunter is engaged in.

That is just one small example. The depth of Classic WoW, and its world, is invested in everything. It is truly the superior version of WoW, in my opinion.

If you have never played WoW prior to Cataclysm, I urge you to level at least your favorite class to 60 at least once. Run some dungeons and see how it was really meant to be. Craft some gear, or potions, or whatever your favorite thing is. Play the AH and make some really needed silver. Join a guild; grouping is fantastic in Classic.

Be excited when you get a six slot bag drop in the starting zone!

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Really enjoying the beta, but I am getting too attached to the characters that will surely be wiped on release. And I tried to pick race/class/faction combos that deliberately wouldn’t pull me in. But now I WANT to play a Forsaken Holy priest; like fungus, he grew on me.


If classic stays true you’ll have all the time in the world to get to it all.

Progression servers are a bad joke on players when you think about it.

Hey fanbase of dedicated players, you know how we totally fucked this game up beyond all recognition, we thought why not give you taste of when it was great and amazing the best mmorpg of all time and rapidly drag you through to the SNAFU state it’s in today? Sound good? :)

I love this whole Classic state idea and hoping for era state/expansion set in stone servers later on, ok getting ahead of myself, lets find out if classic clicks with me first.


This is exactly the reason why i didn’t opt-in for the beta. I don’t want to be attached to something temporary. This is also why i don’t play on pservers – i want my (second) first time in the game to be a looooong adventure.


Yep i’m good, i’ll be there at launch.

No beta for me, it’s like spoiling “that moment” for me, i can wait.

For others beta is an early taste test if they are going to like it or not, for others it’s a time to strategize and plan out their entire wow character leveling career, some others just curious, plenty fine for people whom enjoy that, me, meh, anytime i spend gaming i prefer it all count from day one of play, no plan, no strategy “the open road so to speak”, log in and whatever happens happens, only enjoy the journey, heck i’m not even thinking about a class and might not until the day i log in lol.

I mean i know what i like, and tbh i know i’m going to like this, i say precautionary things as we’ll see, if it clicks, F’ that i know what i like always have and i can wait, something’s are worth waiting for.

Which is prolly another reluctance i had going emu gaming life, i mean deep down i knew i’d flip for swg, then cox, but you have that “what if it gets shutdown” thoughts which is as far as i can tell is worry for nothing.

Then you have the oh “bad people” are doing all this to get my email address lol, that is so f’ing way off it’s not even remotely funny that’s years and years of greedy corp flashback, they are run by the most dedicated people in the gaming biz.

What i figure here is blizz has my interest, they stay classic and don’t start the nickle and diming with xp boosts, and or we’ll add this expansion ala progression style, i’ll undoubtedly stay for a long long time “if it clicks” :) and gladly fork over 15 bones a month.

If it clicks and they start pulling that crap, emu option 100%


Thanks very much for the sort-of review, I’m looking forward to it.
One point, you mention “…the hunter pets are unique with unique skills and abilities…” mmm…in 1.12, I think so (certainly moreso than retail WoW) but only to a degree. IIRC I’m pretty sure that 1.12 or 1.10 was the patch that normalized pet attack speeds, so it removed the value of camping Broken Tooth for his 1.0 mage-assassinating-attack speed. Personally, I think that’s too bad in this narrow case, but otherwise 1.12 was a good patch to replicate.


Thx, i’m pumped.