Star Wars: The Old Republic is easing restrictions for free-to-play and preferred players

Ohhh snap.

It can be difficult to play Star Wars: The Old Republic without paying; the game has some pretty strict restrictions in place for free players and even formerly paying members. But the game’s next major patch is actually lightening up on those restrictions significantly. No longer will players have to suffer with a low credit cap, for example; free-to-play and preferred players will now have a cap of 1,000,000 credits, thus allowing much more freedom to buy things, earn money, and otherwise enjoy the game.

Free-to-play and preferred players will also have access to quick travel and medical probes without any need to purchase consumable items, as the previous restrictions on those features will be listed. There will also be an additional hotbar unlocked for both account types, so free players get three bars and preferred players get five, a notable increase from before. All of this should make the game a bit more fun to play even if you’re not currently siphoning money into it directly.

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