Realm of the Mad God gets invaded by aliens and readies a remaster


So here’s an MMO that we haven’t talked about on Massively OP since, um, 2017? Hey, there are a lot of games out there, and Realm of the Mad God isn’t usually the one to be making breaking headlines. However, this scrappy pixel permadeath game deserves to be noticed this summer thanks to two factors: an alien invasion and its upcoming remastered update.

Last week’s Alien Invasion patch saw an extraterrestrial armada making planetfall in this fantasy world, and now players have to be on the alert for any nearby invasions. If adventurers are successful in their efforts, they’ll actually board a UFO to fight the final boss and then jump into wormholes to run gauntlet-style encounters on other worlds.

Past that, a completely new version of the game is in the works called Realm of the Mad God Remastered. This version will feature full-screen HD graphics, an improved interface, and a backbone based on Unity software. Don’t worry about your progress, as all players will be able to port their accounts over when the Remastered version goes live. It’s being developed in parallel with the current version of Mad God and should come out later this year.

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