Wizard101 rolls out a new event with a Crab Alley revamp

Please post larger pictures, folks.

The big summer update for Wizard101 is in testing now, and it brings with it a long-awaited facelift for Crab Alley. Wizard City got a big appearance revamp for the game’s 10-year anniversary, but Crab Alley remained somewhat outdated; now it, too, looks fresh and new and engaging. This goes along with the summer update’s improvements to the new user experience, so new visitors will also be experiencing a prettier version of the game all around.

Players who are more experienced veterans will still have something to look forward to with the game’s new Beastmoon Hunt event; players will take on the forms of various monsters, complete with separate decks and their own leveling systems, to take on the enemy team in a contest of supremacy. Players can both improve the tier and level of these alternate forms; level increases quickly but fades as well, while tier takes longer but does last between events. Check out the full rundown on the complete patch notes.


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