Gloria Victis previews mounted combat, freebuilding, and guild improvements


Gloria Victis developer Black Eye Games popped on the MMORPG subreddit this morning with some interesting news about the game’s development, specifically a “huge update in the next few weeks.” What’s in it? Horses and mounted combat, freebuilding of guild castles, and guild and alliance improvements (including guild ranking). The game has a fair bit of building in it, but players will have a lot more hand in how it all comes together with this patch.

“Although you can already rise the castles from ground and upgrade them so they become impenetrable fortresses, or build your own tents, barricades and furnaces, and plant your own seeds at farms, we know you’re eager for more. And it happens: we’re working on the freebuilding in Guild Castles! You will be able to create your own fortification layouts and fill your castles with workshops and other utility buildings. This will be a good start to bringing more roleplay and players-made content all around the world. Hammers in hands, you have some cities to build!”

There are multiple new gifs to go along with each feature point, and interestingly, the dev posting everything notes the indie team has grown from 7 to 18 people since the game landed on Steam. Not too shabby at all.

We’re the devs of Gloria Victis, medieval MMORPG – and we’re working on something epic, so we want to share it!

Source: Reddit

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I couldn’t get into this game, feels clunky and unfinished. The combat is appalling.


Great to see this game chug along through development. Seems like one of the few games doing early access right.


Very cool update. Freebuilds, as long as everyone has a chance to play with it, will bring me back to try it out.