Neverwinter’s Uprising loot includes the most horrifying MMO cloak of all time


I’m glad I didn’t see this dev blog until today because I might have had nightmares all weekend. Perfect World posted a preview of some of the gear and loot coming in Neverwinter’s Uprising module.

“In Neverwinter: Uprising, from deep in Undermountain you will be teleported into space to the Stardock, an asteroid that orbits Toril,” the devs write. “Here you will be assisting the githzerai that live there and for the many deeds you assist them in, you will be rewarded. The gith find great value in jewelry and you will be gifted many great rings they have found through their own travels.” There’s also a whole set of new artifact weapons, the Lionheart set. And then? There’s the cloak/cape. Apparently it’s a reward for beating Halaster himself and not failing. I hope you all fail because this is is creepy! Good work, PWE artists!

Uprising retools the lowbie experience and adds the playable Gith class when it launches on August 13th.

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