Dungeon and Dragons Online’s permadeath server opens its grisly doors


Prepare to die.

That’s the mentality that Dungeons and Dragons Online players should be in should they dare step foot onto today’s new time-limited “hardcore league” server. With permadeath lurking around every corner, players have to be extra-careful to see how far they can advance in the 90 days that will make up the first iteration of this ruleset.

So other than the thrill of inevitable defeat, what’s in it for players? Standing Stone Games is willing to provide a number of account-bound rewards for the truly brave and stupid. There are cosmetics for reaching level 20 or hitting high amounts of total favor (which will encourage a diversity in dungeon runs), as well as a cloak and a pet for those who amass a number of reaper enhancement points. When you die – and you will die – your fate will be broadcast to the server at large, which is kind of interesting.

Characters that die on the permadeath server or make it to the end of the run on November 15th have the option to transfer to the regular live servers. It should be noted that only subscribers are able to access the hardcore league shard.

Source: Dungeons and Dragons Online. Thanks DDOCentral!
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