World of Warcraft dataminers find character boosts and recruitment rewards as Classic prepares for an AMA

It feels faintly telling, yes.

The latest mining for data in World of Warcraft offers some fascinating hints about the future, largely because of what the presence of certain information implies. For example, datamining has uncovered strings related to a character boost to level 120. This doesn’t mean it’s going live any time soon, since these sorts of boosts usually appear ahead of the next expansion… but it would imply a lack of any rumored level squish. Similarly, the new UI assets mined out for the new Recruit a Friend system don’t include the old rewards, but they do at least imply that the old rewards will be there along with the new armor and camel mount.

Fortunately for those who dislike making predictions based on fragmentary evidence, there’s going to be little to no datamining regarding World of Warcraft: Classic, since there’s just less space to speculate about what the future holds there. But you can still ask questions about it if you so desire during the upcoming designer AMA on Reddit on August 20th. If you’ve still got questions, they’ve got answers. (Which, presumably, will not require datamining to discover.

Source: Wowhead (1, 2, 3)

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Bruno Brito

I’m going to repeat myself:

Offering a boost to levels when Classic is so near, and when people were under the impression that the level squish would be a precursor for a better leveling experience is one of the most idiotic things i’ve seen this company do.

The irony isn’t lost on me.

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Because a giant corporation like Actiblizz wouldn’t sell boosts anyway, even if the squish was still coming.

Nope. They would be consumer friendly and say we don’t want people’s money.

Rick Mills

“…but it would imply a lack of any rumored level squish.”
Not necessarily – boosting to 120 before the end of this expansion doesn’t imply anything about the next expansion.

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Selling a boost to 120 then setting the character to L60 would have very bad optics.

Rick Mills

Not when everyone else is 60. Plus if you were level 80 at the end of this expansion, you’d be level 40…


. . . and Wow Devs never play games with Dataminers ;P!