EVE Online launches new companion app, recaps the World Tour event from Finland

You should check your phonoe notifications.

We can’t tell you if you want to play a mobile version of EVE Online on your phone, but we can tell you that the game’s first version of a mobile companion app failed to deliver what players wanted according to the actual development team. That’s why CCP is launching EVE Portal 2019 today – it’s a completely rebuilt version of the companion app that’s been built in-house to provide you with access to mail, calendar functionality, skill training management, and everything else capsuleers on the go need to keep the game humming along nicely while players are on the way to their important real-life jobs.

If you’d be doing so on your way to important economic jobs, of course, that dovetails nicely with the game’s most recent monthly economic report detailing all of the production and consumption activity in the various sectors of space. You know how the game’s economic reports work by now, we’d assume. (If not, well… it’s the in-game economy broken down by region of space. Economics!)

Finally, CCP is fresh off its latest World Tour event, which was hosted from one lucky player’s living room in Finland. If you’ve got a couple of hours to burn, the videos are below!

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