Final Fantasy XIV’s final anniversary story casts a gaze toward its antagonist

A bunny must jump.

Well, last week Final Fantasy XIV‘s anniversary fiction was just full to the brim of spoilers for those who have not yet finished the main scenario. This week’s fiction, on the other hand… is full of just as many spoilers, some of which are spoilers even if you know the broad stroke of what’s approaching before the absolute last area of the MSQ. But at least the identity of the central character himself is not a spoiler, thanks to the Shadowbringers cast page making it very clear that Emet-Selch has a prominent role in the story.

Yes, this tale is all about seeing things through the eyes of an Ascian, and if you know the big spoilers at the end, you probably have a decent idea of where at least some of the story is set. To say any more would be to give away the game, though, so for the sake of those who haven’t finished yet, we will remain mum. But it’s a good story for those who long for another look at some antagonistic background.


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Dagget Burmese

How about an article about the growing bot problem on the US and EU servers (can’t speak for the JP ones)? It was always annoying but has exploded since Shadowbringers and yesterday was some pretty frightening scenes across many servers.
some media exposure might encourage SE to expand their bot hunting team a bit.
example thread started yesterday (there are many more):



That was pretty heavy.