Black Desert Online previews a quartet of upcoming Awakenings for the PlayStation 4

Wake-up bomb.

On September 24th players who enjoy Black Desert Online on PlayStation 4 will get a wake-up call with the introduction of Awakenings. Fans already familiar with the game’s PC incarnation will no doubt already be accustomed to these evolutions to the existing arsenals of the various classes, but those who are unfamiliar with the lore would do well to check out the backstories for the Lahn, Sorceress, Ninja, and Musa. Heck, even players who are familiar with the story might enjoy the trip down memory lane.

Of course, some players (loudly) don’t care about story and just want to know the mechanics. Thankfully, these previews also have something for those folks, with an assortment of Awakening skills on display for each of the four mentioned classes. Whether you’re looking forward to swinging a magical scythe, spinning crimson glaives, using the enormous crimson blade, or just hacking away with a katana, you’ll have some new tricks up your sleeve with the update on the 24th.

Source: Official Site (Musa/Ninja, Lahn/Sorceress)
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Brown Jenkin

Pretty sure this is coming with scheduled maintenance on the 25th, not today right?