RuneScape introduces the Slayer Collection Log and releases a patch full of bug fixes

RuneScape introduces the Slayer Collection Log and releases a patch full of bug fixes

Oh, hey, it’s Monday, and that means another RuneScape news bundle! Time for your bulleted list of Gielinor happenings! Best enjoyed with a sausage and egg sandwich. Meat or meat-free, your choice, and always made with cage-free eggs to add the unmistakable flavor of fleetingly good feelings to your breakfast.

  • For those who love to find exotic creatures in the world of RuneScape and slaughter them, there’s the Slayer Collection Log, a new UI element that helps players track down the various quarry they’ve felled. The log is split into twelve areas, with titles awaiting those who take on the beasties in each area. Additionally, there’s an Ultimate Slayer title waiting for those who complete the log, and global broadcasts planned for the first regular, Ironman, and Hardcore Ironman players who complete the log for extra back pats.
  • RuneFest is a thing that’s happening. That’s kind of it. That’s the news. The event is less than two weeks away, and apparently there are still tickets for sale if you’re not among those already bought in to the fan fest.
  • Finally, there’s a new patch to RuneScape that has run over a large swath of bugs and made graphical improvements to sheep, chickens, and fire models in the Tutorial Island. The update also rotated the god statue in Taverley “by popular demand”; this was a demand that needed to be met, apparently.
sources: official site (1, 2), Twitter

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