Eternal Magic moves into open beta today – here’s the new trailer


Good news, fans of optimization: Eternal Magic is moving into open beta today, and one of the elements that it’s boasting is that it provides beautiful graphics available to players not on top-of-the-line hardware thanks to great optimization. (That’s a direct quote.) Since the game is moving to open beta, progress from the closed beta has been reset, but items purchased via pre-order packs have been added to accounts.

Aside from self-professed excellent optimization the game also sports a robust social component, including parties with friends in your player house, and the ability to create “unique skill builds by utilizing a flexible role-playing system.” You can check out the release trailer just below if that piques your interest, and heck, at this point it’s in open beta (what the kids today call launch) and it won’t cost you anything but time to check out. No mention in the open beta announcement about that beauty contest, though.

Source: Press release

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They’re probably hoping people will just forget about the whole creeper follower beauty pageant thing “for the girls”. I would have rather have seen them announce that it was a bad idea and they were not going forward with it, but I guess never mentioning it again and hoping everybody forgets about it works (we won’t forget though of course haha).

With the overall generic blandness of the game, the whole plan for the creepy stalker pageant thing may be the one thing we ever even remember about it in the future.

Castagere Shaikura

I know its in beta but I just tried it. Sorry but it’s so generic. MMO’s are really just the same old thing all the time now. Hopefully, when it launchs it will at least have more options. Character creation is just so bad.


EQ (Daybreak) called – they want to borrow that version of Firiona Vie ;)


Isn’t this the same trailer but minus the bad voice actor and the other really bad voice actor?

Jeremy Barnes

It’s really annoying that massively doesn’t link to the game’s actual page and just puts in links to massively’s coverage of the game. It reeks of a silly notion that sending people to something they’re looking for on another site drives them away.

I’m leaving anyway to google it and find the game’s website.

Rodrigo Dias Costa

I do kind of agree. They should put a link to the game’s main page at least one on every article. Not sure where, but it should be easily available.

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Tobasco da Gama

That trailer might as well just be a 90 second shot of the words “Yup, this is an MMO.”