Slay Together mixes classic and modern MMO design for a spicy blend

Still waiting for that hugs 'n' cuddles MMORPG

Slay Together mixes classic and modern MMO design for a spicy blend

We have another entry for our “MMOs made by tiny teams” list with the awareness of a small fantasy MMORPG called Slay Together.

This MMO has been in development for about five months so far and already has a simple but playable build that revolves around a streamlined questing/combat/loot loop. There’s not very much there as of yet, but the game’s developer said that updates are coming regularly to flesh out the world. For example, a September 27th patch added the bow skill and a vendor for buying and selling.

The MMO’s creator said that inspiration for this title came from games like Metin 2, Flyff, and Dragonica: “The aim is to create an old school feeling. Slay Together will deliver this classic taste spiced up with some new modern game mechanics. It’s a personal quest to create exactly this old kind of feeling.”

Slay Together is currently in early access and can be played for free via Steam.

Source: Steam, Reddit

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Castagere Shaikura

I tried it and its fun. Can’t wait to see would they do with it.


I dig this game thus far — definitely gives me some old school late 2000s/early 2010 vibes. Impressive for a team this small to make something that works with a friendly little community.