The Division 2’s Title Update 6 brings new missions and a new specialization starting on October 15


Title Update 6 of The Division 2 is now more visibly on the horizon and also has unleashed a number of new details thanks to the most recent State of the Game update.

We now know that the update’s missions and new specialization will first arrive to Year 1 Pass owners starting on Tuesday, October 15th, while everyone else has to wait until Tuesday, October 22nd, for some the big shinies to arrive. The missions will take players to the Pentagon and a DARPA research lab to clear out the Black Tusk from a perfusion bioreactor. Year 1 owners will also get access to two Classified Missions to cut off an Outcasts supply route at a marina and rescue a crashed pilot and secure cargo from the Mexican Embassy in Washington, D.C.

The new specialization coming to the game is the Technician, a spec that’s described as focused on Skill Power that has great synergy with skill builds. This specialization will instantly unlock for Year 1 Pass owners on the 15th, while everyone else will have to complete Field Research to unlock it.

The October 15th update will see a number of other things opened up to all players including some new gear, PvE and PvP balance changes, the return of Kenly College and its Mastery system, a new Conflict map and Conflict mode, and a number of other updates. Finally, The Division 2 will be hosting a free weekend between October 17th and October 21st and will also be holding a sale for the full game and the Year 1 Pass for those who are interested.

You can get the full details in either text form or video form.

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I have played a few hundred hours of this game and have really enjoyed it. It’s one of those games though where the more you play it, the more the little flaws add up to start hindering your continued enjoyment of it. It’s still a great game if you’ve never played it though.

What it really needs in my opinion is more open world zones. The instanced stuff is fine, but I think I’d have rather had new types of things to do in the existing open world zones coupled with completely new zones to play in. New spec sounds cool though.

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I never understood why so many games just stop adding to the landmass post-launch and run everything through instances. Plenty of real estate to play with in DC and Arlington, why not add some neighborhoods and a new faction instead of just bloating the game with new systems and gameplay types every few months.