Conan Exiles details follower leveling and follower limits coming to the game alongside mounts

Hey dude.

Good news, Conan Exiles fans: Your pets and thralls (collectively known as “followers” now in game terms) will be able to gain levels. And while that does mean that your existing followers will wind up being weaker than leveled up new followers that’s all right, because the official servers will randomly delete existing ones. If you have too many, anyhow; there’s a cap coming to how many followers you can have milling about, with a full clan topping out at 100 followers.

It’s important to note that all of these changes are only for followers you bring into combat; crafting thralls are unaffected and will not be changed or limited, so you needn’t fret about that. But if you bring your followers into combat, they’ll be able to level up to 20 and become far more lethal in combat, a nice chance to make your individual followers more unique when the system is fully rolled out to the game. And since it goes hand-in-hand with the update bringing mounts into the game, well, that should help motivate you.

Source: Official Site. Thanks, Kinya!
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