Hi-Rez Expo announces new champions and updates for SMITE and Paladins

Also some stuff about the new shooter Rogue Company


Fans of Hi-Rez Studios’ big titles were in for a treat at this year’s Hi-Rez Expo as it had a little bit of something for everyone, whether you’re looking for new character to master or new features to the games themselves.

Over in SMITE, players can say hello to Heimdallr next month, a Hunter that tosses magical axes at foes, uses his Gjallarhorn to banish enemies, and the bifrost to traverse worlds. In addition to the new god, players can also enjoy Season 7 goodies like a new Joust map done in a dark, Chinese mythological style. Smite is also reaping the rewards of a partnership with Red Bull Records that brings new music from AWOLNATION and Beartooth available right now. Smite also plans to release six new gods over the course of the coming year.

As for Paladins, they’re getting in on the new character hype with Tiberius, the Weapon Master. This ferocious Tigron character uses chakrams and a heavy sword to lay into enemies while also moving with what is described as “cat-like grace.” This new character arrives in early January, along with a new Community Battle Pass that features community-designed skins like Dark Monarch Lian, Wukong Talus, Soul Briar Grover, and Ska’drin Ash in the coming year. Look forward to four more character additions as well.

Hi-Rez Expo was also a place where attendees could get their hands on an alpha version of Rogue Company, the tactical shooter that was unveild this past September. The presser states that the shooter looks to carve out a niche in the shooter world, but its features sound genre-typical like customizable loadouts and 2v2 and 4v4 game modes for all skill levels. Perhaps you’ll get a peek yourself; alpha invites are said to have been sent out this past Friday for those who signed up to early access.

source: press release

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Bruno Brito

Rogue Company is a slap in the face of Tribes and GA fans.

Kross Vilalobos

As a guy who saw the great potential that was GA and Tribes that is a understatement. I hate Hi-Rez and how they run their company if a game falls behind in what they believe how much money it should make they kill it with no form of reimbursement for those who put loads of hours and money into it. Not even to use on their other games. Their playerbase to them aren’t shit and just walking dollar bills and a means to an end.

IronSalamander8 .

I really enjoyed GA when I played it. This is why I don’t put too much time/effort into Paladins, even as I enjoy it since I worry about this happening again so focus elsewhere.


I’ll just be over here continually bitter about Tribes.

IronSalamander8 .

The current battle pass in Paladins has seriously bugged some of the quests. I keep getting quests with no battle pass XP, just gold (and I haven’t needed gold in a long time), so I haven’t been playing all that much. I haven’t seen anything about this getting fixed but it better be fixed soon. It’s especially galling as I like the skin for Tyra and the new tank Raum is pretty fun to play, but this xp issue exists.