MapleStory 2’s Kritias expansion brings a new level cap, new area, and new dungeons


If you’ve been getting your news about MapleStory 2 exclusively from its website or even its official forums, you’re evidently out of the loop with regards to what’s on the horizon, especially since the official Twitter has been a source for teases. Sure enough, the MMOARPG is getting a pretty significant expansion. It even broadcast a two hour-long preview livestream without announcing it, which is… weird, to say the least.[AL:MS2]

Lackadaisical PR aside, MapleStory 2’s Kritias expansion is bringing a lot to the table, with a new level cap of 99 and some new skills to go along with it, the new floating continent of Kritias with 23 new zones, exploration goals, and dungeons, and new level 70 pets, which can be evolved into Legendary grade pets.

According to the livestream, the new max level cap is intended to be hard to reach: Leveling from 70 to 80 will likely operate in a familiar fashion to players, but the rise from 80 to 99 is so difficult that players of MapleStory 2 in other regions have yet to hit the cap. The stream also confirmed that Kritias will be released in two parts and that content updates like raids will be released piecemeal.

The update is due to arrive on Wednesday, December 11th, according to community discussion and confirmed during the livestream. If you have a couple of hours to yourself, you can take in the full and extremely informational stream video embedded below.

sources: Twitter, Twitch
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