The Final Fantasy XI fan gathering is actually happening on February 27

Gather together.

It almost seemed like the rumor of a fan gathering forĀ Final Fantasy XI was too good to be true for fans of the game. Not just a gathering, but the promise of a special presentation by the producer and director? That’s the sort of thing fans want but had given up on expecting to ever receive. But it turns out that the rumors were true, and the fan gathering is on, right down to allowing players the chance to bring a guest who will receive a free copy of the game.

As space is limited at the event, players are asked to avoid bringing cosplay to the fan gathering; there’s also a note that currently active subscribers will be prioritized over former subscribers, but both are welcome to at least request a spot. The event is taking place just before next year’s PAX East event, so if you’re a fan already planning to be in Boston for that weekend you just got an additional event to look forward to. And if there are any special announcements in the presentation, we can be sure they’ll be shared no matter what.