Ashes of Creation addresses Siege Mode, Node dev, and 5000-bot test battles


Yesterday saw another Ashes of Creation livestream with several devs offering a general rundown of progress. The broadcast touched on a pretty wide swath of talking points, from balance adjustments in Siege Mode to large-scale battles to Nodes.

Balance does appear to be the watchword for Siege Mode updates right now: Tanks are described as “overpowered and unkillable” and mages are “too squishy” right now. There’s also polishing to be done, tweaks to capture points, bug squishing related to exiting siege vehicles, and notifications for points of interest during the match need to be added. The devs have also provided word on running large-scale battles with 5,000 simulated players and features to improve performance during such encounters; as the devs put it, “your potato will be able to play the game.” [The devs later clarified they are actually shooting for 1,000-player battles but are testing with 5,000 bots.]

The devs also went in-depth on the game’s Node system, which readers will recall is the system that governs where towns and cities spring from so long as they’re fed resources and influence and react based on what happens nearby. In short, the devs have worked out a random generator for where buildings pop up as Nodes grow in order to make them not appear cookie-cutter. There’s also work being done on housing, guilds, branching quest systems, voting systems, caravan systems, and event systems such as attacking or defending Nodes.

As for the Apocalypse battle royale mode, it appears that’s not entirely abandoned, as it has received a hotfix this past Monday. That said, Steam Charts is still reporting abysmal numbers, with only 4 players online an hour ago and a peak of 21 players in the last 30 days.

Fans should expect a video showing off the new variety of Nodes sometime later, as well as a letter from creative director Steven Sharif around the holiday break, a Castle Siege Phoenix Initiative test this Thursday, and some announcements for the first quarter of 2020 soon. For now, you can take in the complete broadcast below or scour this transcript for a briefing.


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2 years ago

Apocalypse’s battle pass thing was also extended to another 90ish days I think. 80 days left on it from what I see. Only thing they removed was the orange outfit that was supposed to be exclusive to hitting 50 by the end of October.

So the BR looks like it’s basically in a form of near-maintenance mode until Siege arrives, or maybe they’re planning to do more stuff for the BR in February. Who knows.

2 years ago
Reply to  Sorenthaz

The community has a question pending as to what exactly is going on with the season passes, but we haven’t gotten an answer yet.

Their Phoenix Initiative ($2500 KS backers) started Castle Siege Testing today [19 Dec]. Originally Steven was confident that CS mode would be out before the end of 2020, but they said during the stream they have a few more bugs that have to be ironed out. Some of them affect gameplay like the Relic Capture and the Control Point Capture.

Some of the delay is due to their studio move which has been delayed again. This is the third studio they have attempted to move into. They ran into difficulties with the first two outside of their controls (companies being bought sold, buildings being bought sold instead of a floor being sub-leased).

They do have the data gathering on for the Leaderboards, they just having turned the leaderboards on yet. Hopefully that is Soon™, although it probably won’t be enough to save the Battle Royale mode.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jahlon

Yeah I don’t think the BR mode is savable, which is a shame because I found it fun and IMHO it’s basically Realm Royale but better and more strongly rooted in medieval fantasy (i.e. no random-arse guns in it beyond the potion launcher; and the AoE sniper meteor tome was pretty clever). Castle Siege should hopefully bring more folks in though, hopefully it’ll be out before spring.

2 years ago
Reply to  Sorenthaz

As a game I agree. I don’t think the BR can be salvaged. It already had like three chances to make a good first impression and it blew each of them.

As a testing ground however, the BR has paid dividends. Intrepid is aiming for a hybrid action/tab combat system for the MMORPG. From the original BR back in September 2018 to now, the action combat has improved ten-fold. I have a video of someone trying to kill me when I’m prone, and cross hairs are lined up and they missed. I have both my perspective and their perspective so you can see just how badly the sync is. That no longer happens.

My guess (and this is just my guess) is that we will see Castle Siege released to the general public within 12 weeks. They just had what appears to have been a successful test yesterday with the PI. Lots of bugs, but that’s what early testing is for to find bugs.