DC Universe Online introduces a progressive tax to correct money exploitation


So here’s the bad news, DC Universe Online fans – the game got hit with a pretty nasty exploit that allowed players to flood the game with trillions of dollars worth of fake cash. (As in “illegitimately acquired in-game money,” since technically all of the in-game currency is fake cash.) The cash was so pervasive that basically everyone has it by this point. While Daybreak can’t actually completely reverse the damage, as Connor at MMO Fallout noted, the development team is introducing a progressive tax as a one-time thing to at least take a fair chunk of the money out of the economy.

Players with $500 million or less in the game won’t have to worry, as that money will not be taxed at all; on the flips side, any cash above $25 billion is taxed at 100%, meaning it’s all gone. The net result should be that the players will wind up with around $22 billion at the upper limit, which won’t fix the economy but will at least take some of the illegitimate money out of circulation. That’s something, anyhow.


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