Neowiz takes another stab at the Bless IP with mobile MMO Bless Eternal


Will we ever find time to properly process our grief and mourn the late Bless Online? Not bloody likely, as the necromancy team at Neowiz keeps looking for new ways to resurrect the corpse of its previous MMORPG.

First there was Bless Unleashed, an Xbox One-only title that went into open beta last fall. And now there is Bless Eternal, a mobile version of Bless using Unreal Engine 4. Pretty? Sure, but that didn’t seem to woo audiences before. “Maybe it’s awesome this time, guys!” joked one Reddit commenter.

The Korean trailer for Bless Eternal shows your standard people-jogging-through-a-fantasy-world-with-a-big-weapon-strapped-to-their-back format with some scenery and combat thrown in for eye candy. Classes for the upcoming mobile title include Mage, Paladin, Mystic, and Ranger. Good luck, Bless Eternal, because you’re going to need it.

Source: MMO Culture
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