Crowfall Q&A talks fundraising, alpha and beta, and War of the Gods features


It’s a bit of “second verse same as the first” for the latest version of the ACE Q&A video from Crowfall, but then again the game continues to further inch closer to its next phase of testing and rake in funding as we reported ahead of the weekend, so you can certainly appreciate how those topics are on the minds of ArtCraft’s J. Todd Coleman and Thomas Blair.

The opening segment of the January 2020 ACE Q&A details just what that funding means for the game, affirming that the new investment allows ArtCraft Entertainment to fund development of the game all the way to full launch. On the subject of launch states, the devs say they will consider the game in full alpha once the latest milestone goes live either to the Test or Live server and will consider beta to have started once they begin inviting registered players to the game. To that point, interested folks are reminded to sign up now, as Coleman was very careful to point out that things are happening soon™.

The video then moved on to discussion of the War of the Gods update, which will bring on the Dregs GvG gameplay, the ability for players to build and customize their own forts and keeps during a campaign, and the strategic wrinkles of earning the gods’ favor through a variety of different tasks. Information on this update is still generally not new, but Coleman promised that the milestone will introduce those three pillars and “a whole bunch of other stuff.” Coleman also promised that this will mark the first time that Crowfall will start to feel like Shadowbane, if that provides anyone with a point of reference.

It wasn’t all things that were discussed before, though: The video then went on to show off things like the new radial design for profession trees, further discussion of the refinery system, a look at the updated talent tree, and a look at the new Traits tab of the character sheet and what it means for class customization. You can get the whole shebang in your eyeballs with the embed below.

source: YouTube
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