World of Warcraft’s Visions of N’Zoth is kind of a ‘horrific’ mess – where’s the old ‘Blizzard Polish’?

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One popular World of Warcraft YouTuber is calling this past week’s Visions of N’Zoth Blizzard’s “buggiest patch ever” as a result of the WoW dev team being rushed, understaffed, and behind schedule. Similar sentiments are rippling and rolling across the game community as players bemoan a poorly tested content drop.

For example, the revamped auction house is now just up and misplacing items that players post for sale (Blizzard claims that this is a mail issue, not an auction house one, by the way). That’s a problem for the game’s economy, to put it mildly. Another big issue is the inability to finish some of the new horrific visions due to game-breaking bugs.

And while some players are praising the “horrific visions” of classic locations and zone events, many others are criticizing the overly onerous rep grinds, competitive quest objectives, general alt unfriendliness, and barrage of daily quests that seem to make up most of Patch 8.3. It might be a good idea to give this patch some space until Blizzard gets on top of these problems. Here’s one YouTuber’s take on the situation:

Source: Official forums, Reddit, #2, #3, #4. Thanks Mordyjuice!

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