Dungeons and Dragons Online’s 2020 roadmap includes Shifter race and Feywild expansion


What do you want in your Dungeons and Dragons Online this year? Whether it be a new permadeath server, an expansion pack, a modern client, or an additional race, chances are you’re going to get your wish.

Yesterday, Standing Stone Games released its 2020 roadmap for DDO, chock-full of goodies for this game’s loyal community. It’s hard to pick just one headlining feature, as they all seem pretty big, but perhaps news of a Feywild expansion coming later this year will do the trick. This expansion will push past level 30 for the first time and introduce the Shifter race, which is “capable of temporarily embracing their bestial aspects to rend enemies and survive.”

Other highlights from the letter include an upcoming 64-bit client, the second season of DDO’s “Hardcore” permadeath server, UI improvements, and a Stormreach adventure pack.

Currently, DDO is testing out the Alchemist class, which is slated to come to the game soon.

Source: Dungeons and Dragons Online. Thanks DDOCentral!
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