Upcoming MMORPG Corepunk highlights its world and races in new artwork


Back in December, we got a peek at a new Unity MMORPG from Dutch studio Artificial Core called Corepunk. Even newly announced, it got a mention in our list of MMOs to watch this year – on paper, this thing is promising. And so far since the new year turned, the studio has been posting dev blogs to acclimate players to the feel of the game. So far, we’ve scored a pile of artwork giving life to the game’s world.

“You’re terrified and you want to go back home where it’s warm and safe. Alas, Kwalat is a rough and cruel place. But as you sit on the shore, cleaning your weapon in the crystal-clear waves of the ocean, you notice the sand pebbles at your feet and make out bits and pieces of bones and seashells ground up by the course of time. It occurs to you that the walking skeletons you’ve just defeated will one day be this sand.”

There’s also a brief piece mentioning the game’s cultures – Quadarri, Elanien, Yorners, and Faidens – complete with pics of vehicles and gear.

As we’ve previously noted, the game is barreling toward open beta by the end of this year, boasting a mix of themepark and sandbox features, including dungeons, trinity mechanics, farming, and a proper PvP toggle.


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Hmm. It definitely does look good on paper, will have to keep an eye on this one to see how it pans out.

Tempus Thales

This looks really freaking good…. Ive been wanting a game like this for ever. It looks very reminiscent and inspired by Torchlight but why re-invent the wheel right?


I like trains!

Toy Clown

Color me mildly intrigued at this stage. The artwork is interesting, reminding me of a cross between Book of Travels and GW2.

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Hmmm … the art style reminds me a lot of Torchlight …

… runs off to sign up for closed beta …