New World shows off the factions and enemies of the world of Aeternum


We already had an idea that New World is a dangerous place and that we were getting a video diary about the factions as the game re-enteres closed alpha. True to its word, Amazon Game Studios has indeed released that video diary.

The video is pretty lore-focused in its explanation of the enemy factions in New World, detailing the motivations and general background of each one. Alongside the Corrupted, there are three major enemy groups that exist: the Lost, which are the soulless husks/ghouls/zombies that populate Aeternum; the Angry Earth, which are effectively nature-born foes and monstrosities that have formed as a means of protecting the natural life of the island; and an allusion to the Ancients, a civilization that used the island’s power of Azoth to power its technologies but mysteriously disappeared, leaving nothing but things for players to discover.

The video also makes a point about how the Corrupted can attack player settlements and locations once they grow to a certain size in a mechanic that sounds similar to the Purge in Conan Exiles, as well as references to large-scale territory fights that constitute one of the major PvP beats in the game. All of that is in the video below.

source: YouTube
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