Guild Wars 2 eyes new achievement track for onboarding newbies


ArenaNet appears to be continuing its attempts to make Guild Wars 2 palatable to new players – both in terms of content in the early levels and in guiding younger players to new things to do.

“We’re testing some improvements to the first steps adventurers take in the world of Tyria,” the studio posted last night. “Simple achievements are now available in the early levels to guide new players toward activities they might find interesting and award useful items and AP. If you’re a mentor and players are asking for help in the starting zone, lend a hand! The achievements are available to veteran players as well and can be found in your achievement panel.”

According to a second update, the studio didn’t meant to tell everyone quite so early, and we can expect it in the game on February 25th. This has not stopped the Reddit runaway train from speculating on what the studio is up to and why this is a good thing even for experienced players, who are hoping to take advantage of the new achievement point avenues, see more live bodies in old content, and benefit from slightly less clueless newbies when they do make it to endgame.


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Uh, not again.
They already remade whole leveling process of unlocking skills as you go, which is already very friendly towards new players.
Not to mention that they have shit ton of currencies (and they keep adding more), some of them I would say are little bit pointless, yet they want to improve something that does not really need any improvements.
Issue starts when you hit level 80 where you get overwhelmed by lot of stuff, and game explains very little of it, not to mention if you buy expansions aswell.
Which brings me to another point where bunch of content they added over the years is simply dead.
Very few people are running dungeons, bounties in PF are pretty much dead where you get stuck if you want to complete certain achievements, certain meta events are not really worth doing considering time investment ≠ rewards.
Biggest joke is probably Drakkar, which is just super boring fight that takes around 30 minutes to beat, and sometimes you fail simply because there is not enough people to kill it – lack of dps, instead of adding some interesting mechanics to speed up / screw up whole fight (feels alot like Tequatl situation before they reworked it).
Really great design, not like they could just simply look at some of the boss fights they already made, just to come up with something interesting. Nah, lest just go with beating HP sponge boss for 30 minutes where the reward is completely underwhelming thus not really worth doing unless for completing achievements.
Idk, I feel like ANet is just so out of touch that it’s hard to justify why should I keep playing.
It’s definitely great for new players, but once you hit certain milestone, these issues become blatantly obvious.

Bruno Brito

Uhhh…achievements weren’t really that complicated. I get that Anet want to improve upon the open world and the new player experience, but they really need to decide what BIG change they wanna implement. These small makeovers won’t better player retention. This game needs a lot more new systems.


I simply do not see how things could be any easier in the starting zones than they already are.

I mean, all the target achievements are already there up on the screen, you can hardly miss them. Just walking around one starts completing them.

Doing the story quests leads you from place to place, zone to zone. I mean WTF? Who do they think needs help with that?

Honestly, I just don’t get it. Who are these changes targeted at?


They could make it more inclusive by putting them in braille for the blind perhaps?

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The number one thing I’d like them to teach players is about crowd control. Quite a number of open world group events depend on good use of CC, and it can be a real struggle at times due to a lack of player understanding and awareness.

The game in general doesn’t do a good job of teaching players various things so any in-game improvement for this is welcome.