EVE Online shares its economic report for January 2020 and hands out skill points for DDoS issues


For the more industrious EVE Online player, there’s no greater moment than the monthly economic report. Well, it’s that wonderful time of the month once again as January’s report is online with all of the facts and figures you could possibly need to run your interstellar businesses.

If you’re otherwise not engaged with the economic side of EVE Online, then perhaps the latest edition of the Pulse has you covered. In the video, the devs announce some free skill points being handed out to all players as thanks for dealing with DDoS attacks — 100,000 Skill Points for Alphas and 350,000 Skill Points for Omegas — as well as word on the Invasion Tournament global finals at Fanfest, the new in-game notification system, new information on moon mining coming with the next update, and a nod to the upcoming Frigate Escape Bay.

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