Book of Travels’ first dev blog covers multiplayer endeavours


Despite (or perhaps, because of) being a small, quiet title, Book of Travels is one of our most anticipated MMOs for 2020. As they travel the road to early access, the developers have started to share the unique systems that will make this game tick.

The first such system that the devs revealed is endeavours. Endeavours are challenges discovered in the world that need to be solved for a reward. “Some endeavours can be solved alone, but others will require you to gather a large band of travellers before engaging,” the post explained. “Some will reward you with small magical boosts or items, and other, rare.”

These endeavours come in four flavors: physical feats of strength, mystical activities, mechanical puzzles, and social encounters. So whether players are trying to pull something out of a well, singing at a graveyard, operating steam boats, or plying wares from a merchant, these tasks sound pretty fun and immersive.

Source: Kickstarter


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