Riders of Icarus releases its newest patch, Call of the Wild

Good children.

The latest patch for Riders of Icarus is out now, allowing players to experience the Call of the Wild! No, this does not mean that your character gets to roam across the wilderness with a CGI dog and portentous narrative based on a novel by Jack London; instead, it allows you to get into a tussle with Yatuman, an evil so powerful it apparently corrupts the very essence of life itself. You can get a new pet or mount from the raid dungeon, but it’s not a dog without a very broad definition of “dog.”

Yes, there’s a new raid dungeon, Yatuman’s Altar. How else did you think you were going to tussle with someone? There’s also a new set of skills available for players, the aforementioned new mount (Savage Baltrow), and a new quest sending you into the Brakarr Forest to continue the journey to level 70. You can check it out now if that sounds like a fun idea, and if you want to pretend Harrison Ford is narrating your adventures, we’re not going to stop you.


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Theo Kadira

Sounds sweet!… If I could only actually update the game! I appreciate valofe for this game but I really do miss the Nexon launcher’s efficiency when it comes to updates. I don’t know how big the patch is, or why the patch in vfun stays on 1% for hours!?