TERA brings its Forsaken Souls update to consoles on March 3


Console players of TERA are going to have to deal with a whole lot of forsaken mess with the MMO’s next update. Forsaken Souls is coming to console on Tuesday, March 3rd, and it’s bringing with it some threats that are… well, they’re forsaken, I guess. And they’re souls. Presumably.

The centerpiece of this update is the new Forsaken Island dungeon, where players will have to face off against a number of threats such as Rokdos the Dark Knight, a gigantic evil spirit named Viyor, and Desolarus, the cursed aristocrat who rules the Forsaken Island. Clearing this encounter in normal mode will reward players with Phantom Armor cosmetic items, while victory in the hard mode will rewards Gullinbursti, a ghost pig mount. The update will also introduce some features to console players of TERA like auto-fishing and updated guild quests. Patch notes for Forsaken Souls are due soon.

In tangential TERA news, there’s some new footage of the pre-built characters and their roles in the mobile game TERA Hero. The folks at MMO Culture have shared that video online and we’ve embedded it below.


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I’ll always love this game. I reinstall it and make a new character every 6 months to a year. I enjoy it a lot I just wish it had a more substantial endgame. And less of the typical enchanting stuff to a higher tier with a chance of it failing.